Welcome to Kingston Rowing Club

Kingston Rowing Club is one of the world's oldest and most successful amateur rowing clubs. Based on the Thames between Kingston Bridge and Teddington Lock, KRC rowers enjoy one of the longest and calmest stretches of rowing water in the UK. The club caters for all levels, demonstrated by both a thriving Novice Squad and social events calendar, through to medalists in recent Olympic Games. KRC is the ideal venue for the typical club rower aspiring for success at National events such as Henley Royal Regatta and the British Rowing Championships.
The club also has a growing Junior Squad, aimed at introducing younger rowers to the sport, helping to foster competitive junior athletes and maybe create the Olympians of years to come. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or already an experienced rower, our aim is to provide you with the support, equipment and coaching you need to achieve your goals.

  • Rowing and Sculling Summer courses 2016

    The club will be running a number of Rowing and Sculling courses over the Summer:-


  • Summer Sculling Courses 2017

    Do you want to improve your sculling skills? We run courses for experienced juniors and both experienced and beginner adults. The courses are for five days from 09:00 to 17:00 on the following dates:

    Course 1: Mon 25th to Fri 29th July for experienced adults and juniors only.
    Course 2: Mon 1st to Fri 5th August for beginner adults as well as experienced adults and juniors.
    Course 3: Mon 8th to Fri 12th August for experienced adults and juniors only.

    The courses are limited to twelve athletes working with two top level professional coaches ensuring a fantastic coach to athlete ratio. Athletes can bring their own 1x or we will provide boats. There will also be sessions in 2x and 4x-. The course will be tailored to the abilities and goals of each individual and will include the following components:

    Sculling technique:

    • How to go faster by being more efficient.
    • Use of video analysis to assist.


    • Optimal rigging and oar setup (all athletes who bring their own boat will benefit from having it rigged and set up for them)
    • Advice on maintenance.

    Land training:

    • Direction on tailoring training programs for specific events. Includes fitting in optimal amounts of training and rest for maximum benefit.
    • Weight lifting technique.
    • Core strengthening.
    • Flexibility.
    • Direction on goal setting and achievement.
    • Race preparation and execution of race plan.
    • Nutrition and hydration.

    The five day course costs £395.00 and includes lunch and snacks.

    For further information please contact Nick Rowett

  • Sculling Course Success

    Kingston Rowing Club's summer sculling courses were a great success. For three weeks we ran courses with two professional coaches, Nick Rowett and Andy Medcalf and some helpers, for a group of 12 or fewer scullers, giving a lot more coaching attention to individuals than other similar courses. Feedback from athletes was extremely positive and some have already booked places for next year. We will be running them again in 2016 in July and August. To register your interest please contact Nick Rowett

  • Magna Carta Celebrations

  • August 2015 Sculling Courses at KRC


    Kingston Rowing Club is offering three sculling courses aimed at experienced adult and junior scullers who want to improve their sculling, as well as adult beginners. The courses are for five days on the following dates:

    Course 1: 3rd to 7th August 2015
    Course 2: 10th to 14th August 2015
    Course 3: 17th to 21st August 2015

    The courses are limited to twelve athletes working with two professional coaches ensuring a fantastic coach to athlete ratio.

    Athletes can bring their own 1x or we will provide boats. There will also be sessions in 2x and 4x-.

    The course will be tailored to the abilities and goals of each individual and will include the following components:

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  • Mens Senior Squad 2013 Season Review

    Michael Wale, Kingston cox of Kingston’s first boat, reviews Henley Royal, the senior squad season and their hopes for the future.

    You really do feel that they should broadcast the draw for Henley Royal, always made on the Saturday afternoon at the Town Hall. I would liken it to the FA Cup Third round when the smaller clubs can draw the likes of Manchester United.

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  • Saarbrucken Training Camp Video 2013

    Excellent piece of video of the Mens Eight doing a 1500m piece over the Easter Training Camp in Saarbrucken, Germany.


  • KRC Senior Squad Training Camp 2013

    saarbruckenSaarbrucken, Germany was the chosen destination for the 2013 Kingston Senior Squad training camp, and what a destination it proved to be - 20k of quiet, glassy water with hardly another boat in sight (apart from the occasional 250ft coal barge!) and cold but beautiful weather.


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  • Christmas Party Dec 8th 2012


  • British Rowing Awards

    Congratulations to David Biddulph who is to be awarded an ARA Medal of Honour for his outstanding contribution to rowing this  Saturday 17th November.


    Congratulations also go to those KRC  members in the Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient list:- Carol Cornell, Maggie Phillips, Richard Phelps, and Richard West.

    British Rowing Volunteer and Coach of the Year Awards


  • Kingston Head of the River 10th March 2012

    The 2012 Kingston Head of the River was held on 10th March:

    The Final results for both Division 1 and Division 2 are as follows:

    Photographs of the event are from ImperialPhotos.co.uk and from Rowing Photogaphy

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  • Kingston Small Boats Head 2011



    Hampton Court to Stevens Eyot – 4800 metres


    The results are now available updated 21/11/2011.

    Division 1  as Excel  or as pdf

    Division 2  as Excel   or as pdf

    Combined Divison Results asExcel  or aspdf


    The provisional date for the next Small Boats Head is Saturday 17th November 2012


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  • Landing Stage Opening 2011

    On Saturday 1stOctober The Landing Stage was officially declared open by the Mayor of Kingston, looking resplendent with his ancient badge of office glittering in the wonderful sunshine, following an opening address from our President.

    KRC Landing Stage Party

    Several other councillors and representatives from RBK also attended and Tiffin Head Hilda Clarke and Deputy John King brought with them a magnificent buffet provided by the school’s canteen, which was greatly appreciated by all, not least the Tiffin schoolboys who had to be held in headlocks until the main guests were able to taste the fare. The Kingston Lovelies passed amongst the throng with glasses of bubbly which added to the sense of occasion. The bubbly that is!


    Richard Nelson with Matthew Crane, Veolia

    Mathew Crane from the main grant funders Veolia was also there and was highly delighted with the finished landing stage, and also with our genuine show of appreciation. He was able to congratulate in person the contractor Pat Walsh who attended with his wife, for a wonderfully completed project. The other funder, Waterways Trust, was unfortunately unable to attend.



  • Henley Thames Cup Eight 2011

    Last year, the Wyfolds and Britannia were heavily oversubscribed and the Thames Cup not. This year the entries swung the other way and the Thames Cup was oversubscribed with 69 crews applying for the 32 places. Two crews went through the qualifying process with one of the Kingston crews qualifying in the top 10 places.

    The Thames Cup Eight then  had a difficult draw against one of the seeded American crews, University Barge Club on the first day. They held on well for the first couple of markers, but were slowly overhauled through the middle of the race.

     Photo courtesy of Don Somner.

    The members of the crew were:

    1 Dan Golding

    2 Tom Wiley

    3 Jonny Davies

    4 Joe Harris

    5 Adam Dracott

    6 Chris Ellam

    7 Jon Mackinney

    8 Pete Watson

    Cox: Sophie Guse

    Coach: Andrew Martin

  • Kingston Head of the River 26th March 2011

    Kingston Head of the River 2011  Sat 26th March 2011.

    The Results are now available:-

    Division 1 Results as pdf(as Excel)

    Division 2 Results as pdf (as Excel)

    Combined Division Results as pdf (as Excel) (Note Head wind in 2nd Div)


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  • Kingston Small Boats Event Flyer



    Hampton Court to Stevens Eyot – 4800 metres



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  • KSBH 2010 Instructions and Docs

  • Draft Instructions to Crews. (Final version will be published following the draw)
  • Course map
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Plan
  • Risk Assessment Appendix
  • AccidentPlan A - Accidents occurring on the River
  • Accident PlanB - Accidents occurring on the Land
  • Environment Agency River Closure Notice
  • The attention of all competitors is drawn to the safety information and other documentation available on this website.

  • Kingston Small Boats Head Events and Entries 2011

     Download this as pdf

    Provisional list of Event categories





    Open / Mixed events

    Womens events


    Sen, IM2, Nov, Jun, J15, Masters**

    WE, WIM1, WIM3, WJ16, WJ14


    Sen, IM2, Jun

    On application *


    E, IM1, IM3, J16, J14, Mxd ***

    WSen, WIM2, WNov, WJun, WJ15, WJ13, WMasters**


    IM1, IM3, Jun

    WIM2, WNov, WJ16


    Sen, IM2, J16

    WSen, WIM1, WIM2


    J15, J13

    W J15, WJ13


    Sen, Masters**, IM1, Jun, J17, Mxd***

    WIM2, WJun






    Open / Mixed events

    Womens events


    E, IM1, IM3, J16, J14

    WSen, WIM2, WNov, WJun, WJ15, WMasters**


    IM1, Masters**

    On application *


    Sen, IM2, Nov, Jun, J15, J13, Masters**, Mxd***

    WE, WIM1, WIM3, WJ16, WJ14


    Sen, IM2, Nov, J16

    WIM3, WJun


    IM1, Jun

    WJun, WJ16



    W J14


    IM2, IM3, J16, Nov 

    WSen, WIM1, WIM3, WJ16, WNov




    Please stateCLEARLYon your entry if you areNOTprepared to race at the next higher status (which may involve racing in the division other than that including the status of the original entry), if there are insufficient entries in your chosen status. The race organisers reserve the right to transfer entries automatically to the next higher available status, and to assume the agreement of the entrant,UNLESSotherwise stated on your entry.


    *IndividualW2- classes will not be split between the divisions; please indicate preferences for division (if any) and status separately and clearly on the entry for these events


    ** The organisers reserve the right to combine age groups in Masters events on a handicap basis


    *** Mixed entries are accepted on the understanding that, should insufficient entries be received at any particular status, entries will be transferred to the same status in Open 2x or Open 4x in the same division, as shown above. Classes will not be split between the divisions.

    This race is under British Rowing rules.

    Entries throughBROE ONLY
    with payment by cheque

    and payable to `KINGSTON SMALL BOATS HEAD`, to be sent to:

    Kingston Small Boats Head

    c/o 89, Wolsey Drive,



    by the close of entries and quoting relevant Club /event identifiers

    Entry FeesFours & Quads£40, Doubles & Pairs£20, Singles£10

    For any queries, please e-mail: ksbhemail

    Entries close at 10:00 on Saturday 12 November

    (Cheques should be posted so as to be received by Tuesday, 15 November)

  • Kingston Small Boat Head 2010

    Kingston Small Boat Head 2010


    The 2010 Race Drawis available as a pdf or Excel

     The list of 2010 Events and Entry details are available here

  • Course map
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Plan
  • Risk Assessment Appendix - Hazards
  • AccidentPlan A - Accidents occurring on the River
  • Accident PlanB - Accidents occurring on the Land
  • Environment Agency River Closure Notice
  • The attention of all competitors is drawn to the safety information and other documentation available on this website

    Results 2010 (and as Excel)
    Results 2005
    Results 2004
    Results 2003
  • Henley 2010

    Here is a sequence of pictures of the Brittannia coxed four racing at Henley - from pre-race tension, the race,  through to the sheer joy of finishing!


    The crew is:

    Richard Lear (Bow)
    Pete Watson
    Sam Cackett
    Leon Hutchinson (Str)
    Sophie Guse (Cox)
    Keith Jackman (Coach)
  • Kingston Head of the River 2010 Report

    Grey skies and intermittent drizzle could not dampen the spirits of the 180+ crews that entered the Head this year. Oxford Brookes ‘A’ crew produced the fastest time of the day for the course of 14.49.9 secs and The Eton 1st VIII showed why they are the fastest school crew in the country by producing the 2nd fastest overall time of 14mins 52.5 secs. Well done to KRC crews who won the IM2 category, the women’s IM2 4+ and the J15 4X+.


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  • Gundula Hennig – Cycling Across the USA to Help Outsmart Brain Cancer

    Many of you will know Gundula Hennig who stroked the highly successful KRC women’s lightweight four in 2000 and 2001.

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  • Kingston Head of the River 20th March 2010

    Kingston Head of the River was held on the 20th March 2010.

    The final results are as follows:

       by Overall Position across both divisions (excel) (pdf)
       by Category
       by Division
       by Club

    EmbarassedUpdated with corrections 21st March 20:00:  Embarassed

       Category change for:
    - Crews 306 (St Georges Coll. Sch. B.C. -Category Winner), 307, 308 to J15 4X+
    - Crew 24 to IM3 8+ (Oxford Brookes B.C. -Category Winner).

       Time for crew 261 added.

    Some photos of KRC crews are available on Facebook for Div 1 and Div 2. Courtesy of Tony Holder.


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  • Scarlet Blade Autumn 2009

    The Autumn 2009 Scarlet blade can be downloaded here

  • Rock and Pop Legends Christmas Party

    elvisSaturday 12th December. Let your hair grow, shave your hair, dye your hair, but don't miss it!


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  • Kingston Small Boats Head 2009

    The Entries for Kingston Small Boats Head 2009 has now closed (KSBH Entry Flyer).

    TheRace Results are now available. These are now Final.


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  • Dinsdale at Dorney

    Many of us have a dream. For me, it would have been having the opportunity to ride (and stay on) Desert Orchid. For David Ford, it was rowing on Dorney Lake in the puddles of Steve Redgrave and co.
    Well for Dinsdale, the dream came through, when on 26th September 2009 he was invited by Old Etonians to make up the numbers in their annual scratch regatta.
    Having had a very comfortable but unsuccessful attempt in the fours, he settled himself in the bow seat of one of the eights.


     With the Eton rowing course like a mill pond and the rating suitable for a fit looking bunch of ex Eton boys, David found himself ahead from the start and first over the line after 500 meters of a perfect pull.

    So glad you enjoyed it Dins, and do get another dream. You never know!!


  • Dave Brooks Etape - Mont Ventoux Bike Charity Ride

    We had a 4am alarm call, breakfast at 4:45 then the coach ride to the bike store. Into the 'start pens' for 06:30.

    Squeezed in with 9,500 riders it was a sea of bikes, with plenty of nervous anticipation sweeping through the crowd.

    The start was very well organised, with all 9,500 riders getting away on time at 7am.


    The four of us got going without any crashes, punctures or mechanical failures.

    It was a beautiful warm sunny day (more on that later!) with crowds lining the streets cheering 'allez allez'.

    My personal plan was to ride conservatively, stay out of trouble and manage my pulse rate, saving some energy for Ventoux.

    There were plenty of crashes - I saw one guy who'd not spotted a central reservation, and then hit it doing 30km/h and gone flying.  That was game over for him. 

    The drinks stops were the next unexpected risk - total pandemonium, rather like Harrods sale on day 1 with people fighting to get to the bottles of water. Back on the ride the scenery was beautiful, going through vineyards, gorges and classic tree lined french roads. There's many other stories to tell you, but the headline is Ventoux of course.

    I arrived at the base of the mountain after about 6hrs of riding, not feeling too bad.


    The route up Ventoux is in three parts, the easy section from Bedoin village, then the long forest section of 12km where the gradient jacks up, then finally the infamous bare rock moonscape up to the summit.

    The summit section is renowned for the fearsome heat from the sun, reflecting off the white rocks and with no tree cover.


    However, on our day on the mountain, Ventoux surprised everyone, with instead the forest becoming unbearably hot.

    That nice sunny day had been heating the forest, so without a breath of wind it had become baking hot, the temperature climbing to 38 degrees.

    With the relentless gradient, riders started dropping like flies. There were people being sick, toppling over with heat exhaustion, crying even, it was total carnage. I saw one guy get back on his bike and pedal for about 20 metres, going slower and slower, until he fell over and just stayed where he fell on the tarmac. 

    In the end over 2,000 riders dropped out!


    I remember being struck by the silence in the forest, the crowds had stopped cheering and were kind of looking on in horror.

    My speed dropped to around 5mph. I was in my lowest gear, grinding away trying to keep it above stall speed.

    Two or three times I tried to change down a gear, vainly hoping I'd forgotten one but of course no.

    The hill just keeps coming at you, there are no flat sections to give your legs a rest, just up up up.


    When I got to Chalet Reynard at the end of the forest, I was in pieces - feeling really spaced out and shaking quite badly.

    Sitting down for 10 minutes I started to feel better, and tipped some water over myself to cool down.

    I then took the last of my energy gels and got back on the bike for the final push to the summit.


    Ironically it was cooler out of the forest, with a fresh wind to bring the temperature down.

    I felt quite good at this stage, being able to see the red and white finish tower at the summit.

    I speeded up a bit (to a whopping 7mph), started overtaking, counting down the final kms to the finish.


    You go past the memorial to Tom Simpson near the summit (a famous UK cyclist from the 60's who died on Ventoux)

    After that there's a few more switchbacks, then at long last the final steep bend and then under the finish arch.

    Wonderful feeling to have finished, stumble off the bike and collapse in a heap for a while, gasping for air.


    My finish time was 8hrs 10mins, which puts me into mid table mediocrity - around position 3,300 out of 7,500 finishers.

    Full results and a few photos here:-



    So thanks to all those who've donated, I think we've earned it!


  • KRC Veteran's Prayer rediscovered

    This prayer was previously misattributed to a 17th Century Nun:


    Lord, Thou knowest better than I know myself, that I am growing older and will someday be old. Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion.

    Release me from craving to straighten out everybody's affairs. Make me thoughtful but not moody; helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom, it seems a pity not to use it all, but Thou knowest Lord that I want a few friends at the end.

    Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details; give me wings to get to the point. Seal my lips on my aches and pains. They are increasing, and love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by. I dare not ask for grace enough to enjoy the tales of others' pains, but help me to endure them with patience.

    I dare not ask for improved memory, but for a growing humility and a lessing cocksureness when my memory seems to clash with the memories of others. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be mistaken.

    Keep me reasonably sweet; I do not want to be a Saint - some of them are so hard to live with - but a sour old person is one of the crowning works of the devil.

    Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places, and talents in unexpected people. And, give me, O Lord, the grace to tell them so.





  • Kingston Small Boats Head 2009 Flyer

    Updated2nd Nov: Mixed Double Sculls have now been added to each division.


    Download as PDF 




    Hampton Court to Stevens Eyot – 4800 metres


                        Open/Mixed events                                            Womens events



    1X                Sen, IM2, Nov, Jun, J15, Vets **               WE, WIM1, WIM3, WJ16, WJ14

    2-                  Sen, IM2, Jun                                           On application *

    2X                E, IM1, IM3, J16, J14, Mxd 2x ***              WSen, WIM2, WNov, WJun, WJ15, WJ13, WVets**

    4+                 IM1, IM3, Jun                                           WIM2, WNov, WJ16

    4-                 Sen, IM2, J16                                          WSen, WIM1, WIM2

    4x+               J15, J13                                                 W J15, WJ13

    4X                Sen, IM1, Jun, Vets**                               WIM2, WJun




    1X                E, IM1, IM3, J16, J14                                WSen, WIM2, WNov, WJun, WJ15, WVets**

    2-                  IM1, Vets**                                               On application *
    2X                Sen, IM2, Nov, Jun, J15, J13, Vets**,        WE, WIM1, WIM3, WJ16, WJ14
                        Mxd 2x ***
    4+                Sen, IM2, Nov, J16                                   WIM3, WJun
    4-                 IM1, Jun                                                  WJun, WJ16
    4x+               J14                                                          W J14

    4X                IM2, IM3, J16                                           WSen, WIM1, WJ16



     With payment by chequefor the total amount due and payable to: ‘Kingston Small Boats Head’, to be sent to:

    Kingston Small Boats Head

    c/o 89 Wolsey Drive,

    Kingston upon Thames

    KT2 5DP


    by the close of entries and quoting relevant Club /event identifiers


    Entry Fees:  Fours & Quads£36, Doubles & Pairs£18, Singles£9


    Please stateCLEARLYon your entry if you areNOTprepared to race at the next higher status (which may involve racing in the division other than that including the status of the original entry), if there are insufficient entries in your chosen status. The race organisers reserve the right to transfer entries automatically to the next higher available status, and to assume the agreement of the entrant,UNLESSotherwise stated on your entry. 


    *Individual W2- classes will not be split between the divisions; please indicate preferences for division (if any) and status separately and clearly on the entry for these events


    ** Please specify Veteran status at the time of entry. The organisers reserve the right to combine age groups on a handicap basis

    *** Mixed entries are accepted on the understanding that, should insufficient entries be received at any particular status, entries will be transferred to the same status in Open 2x in the same division, as shown above




    This race is under A.R.A. Rules.


    For other contacts, please use the Kingston Rowing Club website:


    or e-mail direct to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Entries close at 10:00 on Saturday 14 November

    (Cheques should be posted so as to be received by Tuesday, 17 November)

  • New membership email enquiries

    If you sent an email enquiry between the 18th August and the 24th August then your email will not have been forwarded . Would you please resend your enquiry. Many apologies!

    New prospective members, please follow the 'Rowing Section' section under the Main Menu. Note that the Membership fees shown are for the past 2008-9 season, but will be updated as soon as this years Comittee have agreed the subscriptions for this coming year.

  • Henley Women's Regatta 2009

    Kingston Women's Henley is on Fri19th, 20th and 21st June


    The WL2X has a bye to their first racing at 11:44 Sun, then the Final at 14:50
    Cheryl Gilliver and Emily Possnicker.
    The WL4Xis racing at 14:04 Sun, then the Final at 16:30
    Cheryl Gilliver, Emily Possnicker, Mel Court-Smith and Laura Newton

    Note. Kingston Rowing Club, Canada are also racing in the L2X and we could meet in the Final. Shouting for 'Kingston upon Thames' might be needed rather than the usual 'Kiiingstoooon'!

    The Intermediate crews will no doubt be racing earlier (Fri/Sat) but the draw is not finalised as yet for them.

    Women's Intermediate Club 4+
    Gemma Etherington, Lisa Graham, Fabienne Miler, Helen Gadsden, and Heidi Anderson (cox).
    Women's Intermediate Club 8+
    Tara Lanigan, Marise Heyderych, Suzanne Timmis, Tamara Santiago, Lydia Stallion, Jen Griggs, Emma Lawrence, Kyle Goddard and Emily Watson (cox)
  • Scarlet Blade Henley 2009

  • Scarlet Blade Spring 2009

    The Spring edition of the Scarlet Blade is now out!

    Scarlet Blade May 2009

  • Kingston Head of the River 14th March 2009

    KHORR was last held on Sat 14th March 2009 at 2:00pm.

    The 2009 Results are available:- 

    Results for 2009 inpdf orexcel


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  • Captain’s Report – December 2008

    Unfortunately no racing since the last update so the wins remain static, but we’re looking forward to the first races of the coming year with eager anticipation, and I’d like to update you on a few significant developments that have occurred this month.

    I’m enormously pleased to confirm that Laytons Solicitors will be continuing their sponsorship of the club for the 2008/9 season, and many thanks to Nigel Wilson-Dykes who has put considerable effort into securing this support for the club. The club has grown considerably over the past few years, and the support of Laytons has been an important catalyst that has enabled a significant acceleration of club development.

    We also held a highly successful Rum Punch VIIIs and IVs (seniors and juniors respectively) on Sunday 21st, with 5 senior boats and 6 junior coxed quads, both of mixed ability and gender. A great day was had by all, including Richard Ayling who won his first pot for many years, and Kemlo Longstaff, who in taking a break from his traditional rugby training forgot the golden rule of covering up in the cold and won a prize for the most interesting costume on the day. Thanks must go to Birgith Sims and Marcus Hoskin for organising the event, the Junior Parents Support Group for providing a fantastic spread of food for the competing athletes, Angela Goodrich for the Mulled Wine, and Nicola Burden, who spent the entire event coxing almost every crew! We look forward to having similar events in the future, and thanks to all who took part.

    Prior to the Christmas break we also ran a club head, from Hampton Court down to Steven’s Ait. Although the conditions were challenging at the start and we’d already lost a number of athletes due to the time of year we still managed to boat 15 crews, including 3 novice VIIIs. I look forward to seeing these crews racing over the next few months, and mention must go to the small boat with the best Gold Medal Time Percentage, and 2nd overall in those standings, Ellie Warner and Roxana Ayling. Upcoming races include Weybridge, Hampton and the BUCS Champ Head for eligible crews.

    We’re also having significant movement with regard to the club equipment, with a planned refurbishment of the Junior fleet when downtime allows, a new Senior double currently under construction at Stampfli, and a recently purchased VIII for the Novice group, which will allow us to continue to broaden the base of the club, with a planned induction of a further 16 beginners later in January.

    In a further development we’re now able to offer subsidised Physiotherapy for active athletes, with the ability to treat a wide range of minor sports injuries on site. This complements the existing sports massage which has been available since the beginning of the season, and means that we are starting to become one of the most advanced clubs in the area in terms of onsite sports medicine. For more details please speak to either myself or Ian South, Director of Rowing.

    Tickets for the Annual Dinner on Saturday 31st January are selling fast; please make sure that you contact Ceri Jones by emailto confirm your place before 10th January, as the venue need final numbers by that date. The dinner will be held at Glenmore House in Surbiton, and will include both dinner and dancing later in the evening. The premises are very accommodating, with a large bar area separate to the main dining area, and tickets are priced at £45 per head. There is more information available on the club website at www.kingstonrc.co.uk

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year, and look forward to catching up over the coming season!! As ever I am contactable directly by email.

    Kind regards,

    Andy Hall.

  • Kingston Small Boats Head 2008

    Kingston Small Boats Head of the River event has been held. The resultshave now been updated and can be sorted according to Status. 

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  • KSBH 2008 Finish Order

    Finish Order for the two divisions(These results have been corrected from those published previously). The corrected pdf is available here


  • Kingston start the season with success in Bedford

    Kingston Rowing Club started the 2008-9 season in winning style at the Bedford Autumn Small Boats Head on Sunday 12th October.  On a day when the weather was more akin to a summer regatta than an autumn head race the club registered 5 category wins at the first event of the season.

    The Men's Senior 3 coxed four was the 8th overall, ahead of the Women's Senior 2 double scull, the Men's Senior 3 coxless pair, the Men's Senior 3 single scull, the Men's Novice Single Scull.  All the category winners were thrilled, none more so that Tom Haworth, who won three events.


    The Senior 3 coxed four of Jay Gomez, Tom Haworth, Adam Dracott, Richard Lear and Helen Operta (Cox)

    Andy Hall, Club Captain was thrilled with the results, especially the number of further crews that were second placed within their category, and said "it's clear that the progress we have made over the past three years is paying real dividends in our performance on the water, and the support of the club's sponsor Laytons Solicitors has been critical in helping provide the top level racing equipment that is helping generate these results.

  • Scarlet Blade Spring 2008

    The Spring edition of the Scarlet Blade contains the latest on club activities and racing from the Heads up to the most recent Regattas.

    There is also an order form for commemorative clothing items to celebrate the club's 150th Anniversary.

    Download the Scarlet Blade from this link

  • Kingston Head 2008 : Results

    The results from Kingston Head 2008 held on March 9th are:

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  • Kingston Start Year With 3 Wins

    - Kingston take 3 Wins at Bedford Head

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  • Veterans Update - Dec 2007

    Do we have a veteran section? Has anyone seen it?
    Indeed we have…but the majority of the masters athletes have embraced the tough regime set by Mr South and can be seen training with the main squad, despite having to attend at 7.15am and weekend mornings.

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  • Junior Successes at Teddington and Hampton Small Boats

    As predicted the KRC Juniors started the season well with a series of wins at Teddington Small Boats Head. The junior athletes notched up three wins in the S4 2x, WS3 2x and MJ14 2x categories.

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  • Sponsorship Update: Laytons

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  • Chairman's Update - Jan 2008

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  • Kingstons success continues at Scullers Head & Hampton

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  • Kingston Juniors to Race at Hampton

    Although they were unable to race at their own Kingston Small Boats Head last Saturday due to adverse river conditions, Kingston Rowing Club's expanding and successful Junior section is sending 7 boats to the Hampton Small Boats this Saturday, 1 Dec.

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  • Kingston Small Boats Head 2007 - Cancelled


    On further examination of the situation this morning, river conditions have worsened overnight and are not expected to improve. The marshalling area in particular would be hazardous, and the Committee have decided to cancel this year`s event on safety grounds.

    We apologise for the disappointment and any inconvenience this causes, but hope entrants will understand the situation. Entry fees will be returned. We are also grateful for the support this year, with a big entry having been received.

    The next Head on the Reach is the Kingston Head, on 8 March 2008.

    The 2008 Small Boats Head will be held on 22 November, and we look forward to welcoming crews to Kingston on those days.

  • KSBH 2007: Instructions to crews

    The attention of all competitors is drawn to the safety information and other documentation available on this website.

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  • National law firm, Laytons, sponsor KRC

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  • Kingston Small Boats Head 2007 Start Order

    The draw for the Kingston Small Boats Head of the River, to be held on Saturday 24th November 2007 is now available. (UPDATED 21/11/07 4PM)



    Teddington Lock is currently showing the Red Boards.

    Conditions are being monitored closely and a further assessment will be made at lunchtime tomorrow (Friday).

    Present indications are that the event can take place, although some Junior classes (in particular J15 and J14) may be cancelled as a precaution.

    Many thanks

    The Race Committee


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  • Kingston take 4 top 10 positions at Fours Head of the River 2007

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  • Kingston scoop 4 wins at first local race of the new season

    Kingston Rowing Club notched up  4 wins at Teddington Small Boats Head yesterday,

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  • Information for Junior Beginners

    Rivers are dangerous places so although we can have fun remember that we always have to think about safety first.

    Most of the coaches are volunteers who give up their time to help you learn to row and improve, treat them with respect and they'll do the same.

    Rowing is about teamwork, everybody has to work together so treat everybody as you want to be treated.  If you see anybody struggling or potentially needing assistance then offer to help them, they can only say no! 

    Boats are expensive pieces of kit, look after them and they'll last longer, report any damage to your coach as soon as you see it.

    Lots of people use the river, not just adult rowers at the club but also other types of river craft.  Remember to be polite and portray a good image of the junior squad.

    Chewing gum whilst exercising is very dangerous, you could swallow it and suffocate, that means chewing gum is not allowed at rowing.

    Using the ergo

    • ergo.jpgCheck the damper setting (Matthew Pinsent never puts it higher than 4)
    • Check the handle's in the handle holder
    • Adjust your feet so the strap goes over the widest part of your foot
    • Sit with your bottom towards the back of the seat
    • Sit with your back at 12 o' clock
    • Make sure your hands are shoulder width apart



    The monitor has lots of info but what does it all mean?



    How long the machine predicts it will take you to row 500m (The lower the number the faster you are)


    The number of strokes per minute


    How powerful you are  (think of a light bulb)


    Use this button if you're doing a number of set pieces with rests

    Carrying the boat

    carryingboats.jpgRemember when lifting you BEND YOUR KNEES not your back!

    Make sure that you have people at each end of the boat - always keep your eyes open so you don't crash into anything - remember the riggers stick out a long way.

    Check that that you're not about to crash into pedestrians/cyclists or anything behind you.

    Always check the gates are closed before you put the boat back on the rack, otherwise you can turn the boat below into a sieve! 

    Make sure the shoulder of the boat is safely on the rack and the boat's not resting on the riggers.  Don't forget that if it lives outside or on a moveable rack check that you have tied the boat down securely.

    Getting afloat

    If you try this method you will be able to get in and out of the boat by yourself

    Use the ‘3 point of stability ' entry method:

    • Handles end on - held in the riverside hand
    • The other hand holds the rigger
    • Put your riverside foot in the boat between the runners
    • Stand up and swing your remaining foot onto the footplate and lower yourself onto the seat.

    Water Safety

    Everybody should have completed a capsize drill so should be confident in what to do in case you fall in.

    The key points to remember are:

    NEVER LET GO- the boat is a big float and won't sink-so hold onto it.


    Holding onto the boat firstly try to right it by standing on the nearest rigger and reaching for the far rigger.

    Swim to the bows of the boat - whilst holding onto it

    On your back swim to the nearest bank holding on to the boat

    Coxes and coaches in launches  MUST wear life jackets at all times

    When you're on the water make sure you can always see the coach and that they know where you are on the river.

    Sculling technique

    What we're looking for is your blades to be covered from the beginning to the end of the stroke.  A good stroke is a clean stroke-blades dragging along the surface of the water not only act as brakes but look very messy!

    The stroke can be looked at in the following sections,


    The Leg Drive  
    Your legs contain the strongest muscles in your body-the quads-so make sure you use them-contrary to popular belief rowing is all about the leg drive, not about pulling hard with your arms.  Use your legs to power the boat past the blades.

    This is when your hands are just short of touching your body, your legs are flat and your shoulders are open and just behind your hips.

    So that you don't slow the boat down you want the blades to accelerate right through to the end of the stroke, so don't allow them to feather until they are totally clear of the water.  We're looking for clean powerful finishes.

    The Recovery 
    A chance to recover and allow the boat to glide before the next stroke, keeping those blades clear of the water.

    Remember the sequence           -HANDS- BODY-SLIDE-

    (N.B. remember to keep your arms straight for as long as possible, keep your wait suspended and hanging on the blade handle - bums off seats!)

    When you hold the sculls remember to have a light grip - don't hang on for dear life!  Holding the blades in your fingertips means it's far easier to stay relaxed and execute a good stroke.

    On the water

    onthewater.jpgSteering is the most important thing to be aware of when you row - make sure you stick to the correct side of the river and if you're the steers person check around you every few strokes.

    If another boat is moving too close to you shout "LOOK AHEAD........." If you don't say anything they could crash into you and cause damage or injury.  Don't just assume they'll see you and stop or move out of the way - be proactive!

    When you overtake other crews make sure you give them enough space and they know that you're there!

    When it's time to stop or turn round check that it's a sensible place to do so - not on corners! Make sure that the river is clear in both directions and you're not going to get in anyone's way - turn round as quickly as possible and tuck into the correct bank while you have a rest.

    Sculling skills

    There are a number of skills you can practice in singles and doubles to help you improve your rowing - and you can do them without a coach telling you!  Try some of these next time you're waiting for the coach to catch up.

    N.B.  They will really help your balance - try and keep your body as still as possible whilst doing them

    Rigger Dipping -The riggers must touch the water

    Standing Up Rigger Dip -Same as above but out of your seat!

    Circles -Circle your hands around each other as fast as you can

    Double Slaps -Slap both blades on the water at the same time

    Single Slaps -These are a lot harder, slap your blades on the water on alternate sides

    Balance -Balance with your blades off the water for as long as possible, try it at different points on the slide

    360O Turn -Turn your boat round 360 as fast as you can

    Stretching Do's and Don'ts

    Warming Up and stretching are a very important part of exercise and are essential to avoid injury.

    The warm up should increase your heart rate and relax your muscles.  This can be done by a short run, jog or cycle.

    Remember only stretch once your body is warmed up, otherwise you will damage muscles.

    Before exercise hold stretches for 8-15s

    After exercise hold stretches for 20-30s (this is when you can make the most improvement)

    Make sure you carry out the stretches correctly otherwise you can cause damage to your muscles.

    Stretching should be performed slowly and with control.    Stretch to the limit but not to the point where it is painful.

    What to wear

    Firstly don't forget to always bring a full set of SPARE CLOTHES

    Lots of light layers is best - as you warm up you can gradually peel them off!

    Tight/close fitting clothes are better than baggy ones - you can easily get caught up if your clothes are too loose!


    winterkit.jpgWarm clothes to stand around in/put back on after exercise

    Proper socks - not trainer style

    Warm hat

    Long sleeves/legs

    (any flesh exposed eg t-shirt gaps, will get cold and can lead to injury due to cold muscles)



    Sun hat/cap

    Sun cream

    Lighter clothing


    Eat and Drink!

    Always bring a water bottle to sessions - especially in the summer.

    When you exercise you dehydrate very quickly so by drinking water at training you can keep your fluid levels up.

    Eat before you row!  You're going to use lots of energy during training - to ensure that you can train effectively you must fuel your body (like putting petrol in a car) so make sure that you've eaten something before you come down to training.

    If it's after school have a quick healthy snack, how about a piece of fruit like a banana.

    Cuts and Blisters

    The River Thames is fairly clean but you can catch Weils Disease which causes flu-like symptoms.  To avoid this make sure you wear plasters over open cuts and wash your hands thoroughly after rowing, before you touch your face or eat.  If you do fall in have a hot soapy shower as soon as possible.  If you feel ill make sure you tell that doctor that you were rowing on the River Thames.

    Blisters are the bain of every rower's life - you've probably been told that you're not a proper rower until you've got a handful of blisters!  You can however treat them quite easily.

    Firstly don't bite your blisters - your mouth is the dirtiest place carrying tonnes of bacteria.

    Try not to pop your blisters, cover them with a plaster pad taped on with zinc oxide tape or electrical tape if you're rowing.

    If you must pop the blister do so with a sterile needle and use antiseptic.

    Going to races 



    Races can be tiring for both you and your coach and there are lots of important things for you to remember:

    SPANNERS - to rig boats we use 10mm and 13mm spanners.  You all need to have one if you're going to race - take it in the boat with you in case of problems on the way to the start!

    Eat a good dinner the night before - pasta is always a good one, but any meal high in carbohydrates is fine.  Then get a good nights sleep - you want to be your best at the race.

    Bring enough kit with you to the race - there's always a lot of waiting around involved with racing - especially during the winter heads - so you can get really cold unless you prepare properly.  Remember we are also in the UK where the weather isn't always sunny - if you don't have enough spare kit you will become very miserable and cold in the rain!  Bring a plastic carrier bag to put your warm-up kit in so that when you peel it off in the boat it doesn't get wet.  Oh and spare pairs of socks are a REALLY good idea - cold wet feet are horrible!

    Bring lots of food and drink with you - remember what I said earlier about fuelling your body - you won't go very fast unless you've eaten properly.  Oh and bribing your coaches is a really good idea too!!!

    Make sure that you help to de-rig your boat and put it on the trailer, then after the race it's your responsibility to ensure that it is re-rigged and put back in the boat house properly.  Remember it's your race and you're using the boat so you are in charge of looking after it.

    Other Stuff

     There are lots of websites about rowing, try looking at some of these:

    • www.ara-rowing.org

    • www.rowingservice.com

    •  www.concept2.co.uk

    Most races you go to have a website-try typing the race name into google or look at www.biddulph.org.uk and follow the link to regatta calendars.


    If you're really interested in technique try looking at some of the books available, one of the best is "High Performance Rowing" by John MacArthur.


    Finally have fun rowing and don't forget you can always ask your coach questions.


  • Parents Meeting Starts Off the 2007 Junior Season

    The 11th October saw a very well attended Parents meeting kicking off KRCs 150th year.

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  • Scarlet Blade: October 2007

    The latest edition of the Scarlet Blade is available for download.

    Download the Scarlet Blade

  • Wanted: Senior Head Coach


    Based on the Thames between Kingston Bridge and Teddington Lock, KRC enjoys one of the longest and calmest stretches of rowing water in the UK.

    The club has a growing women?s? and men?s Senior Squad (our crews regularly feature at HWR, HRR and Nat Champs) and is seeking to employ a Senior Head Coach to develop the squad for the coming season.

    The successful candidate will:

    • Design and implement a successful coaching strategy for the Senior Squad
    • Be proactive in the retention of current athletes and the attraction of new talent
    • Have an overview of the whole club to ensure a pathway from Novice to Elite
    • Manage and be responsible for the development of existing coaches

    The position requires availability to coach on weekend mornings all year round, plus evenings during the summer.

    The club is willing to consider applications to undertake the role on either a full or part-time basis. Salary is negotiable based on skills and experience.

    For further information please contact the Club Captain, Andy Hall, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Applications should be received by 31st August

    Kingston Rowing Club, The Boathouse, Canbury Gardens, Lower Ham Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 5AU

  • Strong stream Warning 27/07/2007



    Updated 27July 2007


     Floodwaters continue to fall in some areas, but water levels in the River Thames are still dangerously high and the river remains ?out of banks? in many areas.

     There is still a VERY STRONG STREAM WARNING in force over the full length of the non-tidal River Thames and red boards continue to be displayed at all locks.

     Please note the strength of the stream will remain very strong even though water levels may be reducing.

     We understand that boaters are anxious to know when the river will be safe to navigate. This is very difficult to predict, particularly as further rain is forecast for the weekend. We currently anticipate strong streams for at least another week and possibly longer.

     Our strong advice remains to stay safe and not navigate. Leave boats moored up where they are ? the river is dangerous to navigate and many locks are still impassable.

     Please note that there will be no Environment Agency patrols whilst conditions remain hazardous. We are not maintaining a listening watch and we are not able to attend stranded vessels to give assistance.

    For further information: -

     For recorded Thames specific river conditions updates please telephone our FLOODLINE on 0845 988 1188 and press 1 when prompted, followed by 011131

     Listen for information broadcasts on local radio

     For any urgent enquiry, please telephone the Environment Agency?s 24 hour hotline on 0800 80 70 60


    If you would like to receive similar information from us by email in future, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including ?navigation info? in the subject field.

















  • Kingston Head 2007 Results

    The results of the 2007 Kingston Head of the River are now available for download.

    Eights Results

    Fours Results


  • Scarlet Blade: Spring 2007

    The latest edition of the Scarlet blade is now available.

    Download the Scarlet Blade here.

  • Kingston Head: March 24th 2007

    Kingston Head of the River will take place at 2PM on Saturday 24th March 2007

    Download the poster for full details here

    Download an entry form here.

    Current river safety status

    Boards are YELLOW
    The event is expected to take place as planned.


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  • KRC says farewell to Dick Offer

    Kingston Rowing Club received the sad news that Dick Offer was taken into hospital on Monday 7th February and died overnight.

    The funeral has been arranged for Monday 19th at 4.15 at Randall's Park Crematorium, Leatherhead.
    Map here

    The family have requested family flowers only
    Donations if desired to:
    "The Stewards Charitable Trust", c/o Henley Royal Regatta, Henley on Thames, RG9 2LY

    Further details will follow as they become available.

  • KRC Christmas Party 2006

    On behalf of Kingston Rowing Club I would like to invite you and your rowing colleagues to the KRC Christmas Party on Saturday the 16th December 2006

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  • Kingston Small Boats Head: 12 Nov 2006: Results

    Kingston Small Boats Head 2007 results:

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  • Pairs Head Results 2006

    Results of the Pairs Head 2006 are now available

    Provisional results

  • Veterans Dinner: Friday 3rd November 2006

    An extra special Vet's Supper this year - read the attached invitation for all the details.

    This one you really shouldn't miss - it celebrates one of the proudest moments in the club's history and one which showed the fantastic spirt of the club membership supporting the heroic effort of 9 guys defying their own fatigue and the elements to smash a tough existing record to such an extent that it has never come close to being beaten in the last 20 years.

    Make your plans, change your plans, make your excuses you've got to be there - this is going to be a great evening!


    Scott Tunbridge Kingston Rowing Club

    Download the invite (PDF Format)





  • Scarlet Blade June 2006

    Kingston Rowing Club's official newsletter

    Scarlet Blade - pre Henley 2006 edition

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  • St Georges Day Leviathan Outing

    1: Leviathan St. George's Day Outing Report - Sunday 23rd April .
    The slightly reduced number arrived at the Boathouse to be greeted by steely grey skies...

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  • Kingston Head 2006 Results

     KHORR 2006 results are:

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  • KRC S2 Winners and 6th overall at Reading

    Congratulations to the Men's S2 VIII for an excellent result at the weekend.

    The following are the results of the contenders for the head:

    1 13:48.4 102 Oxford Brookes University (A) PM Mens S1
    2 14:09.0 1 Henley RC AM Mens Elite
    3 14:12.3 104 Bristol University BC PM Mens S1
    4 14:12.9 128 Oxford Brookes University BC PM Mens S3
    5 14:17.7 213 York City RC PM Mens S1
    6 14:18.7 9 Kingston RC (A) AM Mens S2
    7 14:20.7 210 York City RC AM Mens S2
    8 14:22.1 10 Oxford Brookes University BC (B) AM Mens S2
    9 14:23.9 5 Oxford Brookes University (A) AM Mens S2 10 14:25.9 4 Henley RC AM Mens S2

  • Scarlet Blade Spring 2006 Edition

    Kingston Rowing Club?s official newsletter
    Spring edition February 2006

    Guy Lewis

    The year 2008 is our 150th anniversary and the present committee want to make sure we celebrate in style, various plans have been mooted, including a room at Hampton Court Palace, a decent London Hotel , River boat, Summer Ball at Remenham Club etc. We have in place some members willing to drive this forward and in due course we will send out a questionnaire for your input in the meantime if you have any thoughts now, please let me know.

    102 members and guests sat down to an excellent meal at the clubhouse on the 10th of February. Everybody made an effort to look the part and local charity shops must have made a fortune re-cycling DJs, it was also good to see and hear a vociferous group in their Club Blazers! All the girls looked great and re-inforced my view that KRC girls are the best looking on the river! It was, however a bit disappointing that we were short of the First V111 crew, they were due to race an allegedly 'Slippy' crew from Molesey BC and decided that a possible chance of food poisoning could not be ignored and so decided to stay away and rely on their usual Friday night repast of Kebab and chips (not Iron Guts Mike Wallace however who decided to risk the watercress soup on offer at the dinner) the upshot was however, that the 'Black Death' phoned the Skip on the night of the dinner and cancelled............................thanks a lot MBC!

    The speeches were a little long winded which probably explains the black hole in my life between about 12 midnight and about 1.15 am! But our elder statesman Terry Gostling was clear and to the point (I'm told ) although somehow found something nice to say about one of our guests, Jonathon Steel president of Remenham Club and a stalwart of the 'Black Death ' up river. Our President Alan Spong gave his first speech in this capacity and paid respect to our past president Dick Offer who was also at the dinner.

    The coveted ' Poupart Cup' was this year presented to Martin Ellis for all his work with the Junior squad which is going from strength to strength. In case you do not know, the cup was presented to the Club by Mrs Joan Poupart in memory of her husband, they used to live in the flats overlooking Canbury Gardens and enjoyed watching all the activity going on at the Club. It is presented by the Captain to the member who has gone the 'extra mile' to help the club in whatever capacity.

    2nd Anniversary Leviathan Outing & Luncheon - Sunday 15 January 2006
    L. U. R. Cheston-Porter

    Two eights were boated, selected between the specialists, who have spent untold decades perfecting the ability to row on one side perfectly, and the GP?s, who can manage on both, or neither, sides.

    "AMBIDEXTROUS" Karlisch wooden 8+: cox: PATSY Fallon, stroke: GUS Gait, 7: DOC Steer, 6: LARS List, 5: RR Rowland, 4: RAMBO Lewis, 3: DI Gait, 2: JONESEY Jones, Bow: ROSS Perou.

    "OMNIDEXTROUS" Empacher wooden 8+: cox: SOOTY Biddulph, stroke: ATILLA Ayling, 7: PIGLET Pearce, 6: BARELEAU Barclay, 5: LURCH Ayling, 4: BOOTS Brunt, 3: SKIPPY Ronald, 2: MANGE Godrich, Bow: WEASEL Christie

    HORS DE COMBAT: GOZ Gostling, (present but unable to row due to lack of fitness caused by age), STICK West (Ditto), HORATIO Nelson (ditto - except not present and no excuse with age), SHOULDERS Wibberley (PUSS in BOOTS)

    OUTING REPORT: 10.30am Sunday 15 January
    A pleasant morning saw the bodies gathering downstairs at the club, as the numbers grew. With the added complication of the Remenham Head the following weekend at which the fittest and strongest of the Leviathans are due to compete with the Crooksey 4- combination (Crooks, Tompkins, Sweeney, Merrall), the crew selection was a little longer than the traditional brief but fair Leviathan method.

    LURCH & ATILLA Ayling had brought down their "ringer" they thought to help pull them along. LARS List 28-year old former Under 23 International. In deciding to join his chums GUS Gait quickly sought to add LARS to his AMBIDEXTROUS (Row both sides) crew. So the make up of the crews was decided and the OMNIDEXTERS set about hitting the water. PATS Fallon and SOOTY Biddulph were entrusted with the health and welfare of their charges of varying fitness. This had all proved too much for GOZ Gostling and STICK West, who ruefully (or was that smugly?) watched both crews going afloat.

    Once the kit inspection was over, our KIT MANAGER the GOZ, donned his other hat, that of Leviathan Chairman and remembering back to that fine January morning in 2004, when he PIGLET, RR and WEASEL set the Leviathan in motion in their 4-, bade farewell to the two eights from the landing stage. The weather was overcast but dry, a strongish wind blowing towards the bridge, good water conditions although reasonably busy river traffic.

    Afloat OMNIDEXTROUS took the warm-up initiative, until the Marina, where AMBIXEXTROUS passed them while the former were undertaking a series of quality exercises. A few unscheduled stops on the way upstream allowed the Leviathans to gather breath and composure. In addition some advice on technique was exchanged during these pauses between the two crews. LARS had early realised that his outing with former internationals was a bit wide of the mark, but was enjoying learning some new rowing traditions as well as learning a few new English words to add to his vocabulary.

    While waiting at Ditton's Bend, PIGLET regaled the crew with stories of times past, especially relating to our famed Chairman the GOZ and his stern pairing in the past with the Leviathan European representative, Le Baron Beynon. To save embarrassment to the aforementioned senior Leviathanites, we will not repeat the story here - but it was a goodie.

    At Hampton Court, just short of the Bridge, the crews turned and after some brief negotiation between GUS, LURCH, SOOTY and (particularly important) the DOC, it was decided to row 20-30-40-30-20 stroke pyramids on the return journey.

    In the first set, OMNIDEXTROUS started ahead, then gradually the superior fitness, strength (and power of the 28-year old at 6) began to tell, and the AMBIDEXTROUS crew then dominated proceedings thereafter. In true Leviathan traditions though the faster crew allowed the slower to get back on terms, so that they both were able to
    follow the work together on the way back. Both coxes steered excellent courses. For PATSY this was a welcome return following her last outing with the Leviathan since September, and allowing the side-by-side nature of the two eights did a fine job.

    The last piece of the celebration outing was a spirited last 250metres to the Boathouse, which unsurprisingly saw the both siders ahead again. Both crews then returned to the stage, to the welcoming banter our Chairman and other KRC members who by now realised this was a special day.

    After the usual showering off, the crews attended the lengthy de-brief before the 2.15 off for the Celebration Luncheon. QUEEN and SYLVIE had been "hard at it" (the cooking I mean - come on !!!) while the Leviathans had been toiling on the water, and the magnificent feast was welcomed by one and all. The ?8 cost (including wine) was supplemented with a ?2 donation to the KRC boat fund ( which amounted to about ?80).

    Joining the Leviathans was the KRC President Alan (SEA) Spong and total numbers for the meal was about 40. Thanks were given to our President and Events Manager QUEEN and his lady for all their efforts in the kitchen (Culinary or otherwise!!!) and a long enjoyable afternoon was enjoyed by all.

    Following a suggestion from ATILLA, and subsequent discussions between GUS and LARS (our German guest) at the anniversary luncheon, a possible trip for Leviathans in September looks to be a marvellous rowing and cultural opportunity.

    Basically, the KOBLENZ Club Regatta takes place on 9th September. The initial concept is that based on low costs outlay, the Leviathans could place an airline booking from Stanstead to Hahn (near Koblenz) for a long weekend of Culture and Fun. For the actives would be the opportunity to imbibe and compete with like minded Jerries - who include I am told some escoffiers and imbibers equal at least to our own QUEEN, GOZ, PIGLET and LURCH ! Cultural evenings are planned to extend the endurance threshold for all. KOBLENZ is placed on the joining of the Moselle and Rhine rivers, so offers the opportunity of either grape. Wine tastings of both could be on offer.

    Old Jogger

    The oarsmen?s cross-country was held over the traditional course in Windsor Great Park on Saturday 21st January. By coincidence this was the day before the Remenham Head, an excuse eagerly grasped by certain members of the men?s and women?s senior squads to wimp out. Fortunately the novices and veterans are made of sterner stuff and duly assembled on the wind-swept gallop under a glorious January sky. For the technically minded, the going was good to soft. As usual the start was given by Chris Morrell from Windsor Boys? School who has been organising the event for 29 years but, as far as I know, has never actually taken part in it.

    A welcome innovation this year was the presentation of a Mars bar as the exhausted competitors crossed the line together with the presence of a snack stall where additional pick-me ups could be purchased although, sadly, nothing alcoholic. Back at the school, the cakes and sandwiches were up to the expected standard and, when the results were announced, Kingston had won the Women?s open individual prize (Sharon Hembrow), Women?s open team prize (Sharon, Di Gait, Anne Crooks and Claire Bourdeaux) and the Men?s veteran plus team prize (Angus Gait, David Ford, Andy Tompkins and Tim Crooks). Full results were: Lee Wheeler ? 10, Angus Gait ? 30, David Ford ? 36, Andy Tompkins ? 41, Colin Mercer ? 45, Tim Crooks ? 50, Dermod Sweeney ? 52, Adam White ? 68, Ray Merrall ? 105, Sharon Hembrow ? 113, Di Gait ? 115, Anne Crooks ? 133, Claire Bourdeaux ? 136, Jenny Southgate ? 137. Oh, and Ray, Dermod, Tim, Colin, Andy and Angus all rowed in the veteran eight in the Remenham Head the following day, with no little success.

    Angus Gait

    The Remenham Head provided the ideal pipe-opener for those older oarsmen whose pipes need to be opened by Dyno-Rod. Hosted this year by Vesta Rowing Club, the course was rowed over (a rather large) part of the Head of the River course, from Barnes Bridge to the Vesta flag pole. With a range of entries from veteran B (little more than adolescents) to veteran E (gnarled and weathered geriatrics), KRC strategically chose to be as old as possible and put in an E crew. Starting at the back of about a dozen veteran crews, the first target was the Molesey E crew starting in front. Despite Jonathan Steele?s urgings, the Molesey crew had no reply to the Kingston length, power and rhythm other than to concentrate on their own shortness, fade and rush and were overhauled by Lep. Disappointingly, this was the only crew KRC overtook, due in no small measure to the intervals at the start. None the less, the results showed that the KRC had emerged victorious in the D/E division without recourse to any handicap and, when the number crunchers had finished their deliberations, were also placed first in the entire event. The KRC crew was Ken Perou, Ray Merrall, Guy Lewis, Colin Mercer, Angus Gait, Tim Crooks, Andy Tompkins and Dermod Sweeney, coxed by Mike Wale. Note that next year Kingston will be hosting the event.

    Angus Gait

    Over the next few years, the Club must face up to the decades of neglect of the building and contemporary requirements for health and safety. A survey carried out for Tiffin School had identified major work that needs to be carried out. Over the next two or three years, this could cost a quarter of a million pounds, of which KRC?s contribution will be half. In the next few months alone, the cost for what has been identified as essential safety work is likely to be ?25,000 and we will have to find half of that sum. Clearly this is a major problem for the Club and one that the committee and officers are addressing. However it is a financial burden that, one way or another, will fall on all members be it by paying increased subs, using the bar more, helping to increase membership by coaching or anything else.

    The consequences of being unable to meet our commitments in this respect are not well defined at present but should become clearer in the near future. However, it is highly likely that if we cannot raise the money, the future of the Club will be different from what we hope it will be.


    Just because the evenings are drawing out?
    The Environment Agency are uncompromising about displaying lights at night. Article 5 of the Thames Navigation Licensing and General Byelaws states that ?The Byelaws concerning lights shall be complied with from sunset to sunrise.? Article 8(c) states ?The master of a manually propelled vessel ? shall cause to be exhibited an all-round white light or two white lights giving the same coverage.? These are constant lights not flashing ones.


    This was published in October 2005 by the ARA and is a reminder to rowers with the increased threat of bird Flu arriving in the UK.

    Wild birds in this country are not known to be carrying the deadly strain of Bird flu at present so the risk of being infected is currently thought to be very low. However with the outbreak of Bird Flu in the European Union and the waterways used by UK rowers being a haven for wildlife, in particular migrating birds, rowers should take note of the following;

    Bird flu is a highly infectious disease affecting many species of birds including migratory wildfowl. It is spread by movement of infected birds or, more relevant to rowers, contact with their secretions, particularly faeces, either directly or through contaminated objects, clothes or vehicles.

    What measures should rowers take? Echoing the guidance notes in the ARA Water Safety code (under waterborne diseases) high standards of personal hygiene will help prevent ingestion and inhalation of infective material and reduce the risk of transmission to others. Thorough washing with soap and water is an effective method of decontamination and may usefully be enhanced by the use of anti-viral hand wash/wipes following effective washing.

    Rowers should avoid handling obviously sick or diseased birds.

    Think twice before you put your hand down to push off?

    Bad Loser

    Traditionally this event is held on the first Sunday of the New Year but, as this fell on 1st January this year, there was always a chance that the less robust members would not emerge from their comatose state in time to get an entry in. Nevertheless, tradition is tradition and two eights comprising the Club?s fittest and finest assembled. Yet again, the crews were stroked by the two old farts (surely the two distinguished elder oarsmen? ? Ed) who seem to end up racing each other every year but, tradition is tradition. After a titanic struggle, although fortunately there were no icebergs, one crew beat the other one, just. Another tradition that was maintained this year was having one of Vamp?s relatives in the winning crew. Brother Tony has won previously and this year nephew Luke kept the family tradition going. The lucky winners were: Ken Perou, Di Gait, Ray Merrall, Lee Wheeler, Luke Ellis, Darren Warbrick, Andy Tompkins, Tim Crooks, Dilip Patel.

    Luke Ellis

    The season has gone well so far with the older juniors having regular training sessions with the seniors and also integrating into senior boats. Fiona Lunney has also got the younger juniors going well with a particularly impressive girls J14 squad. The highlight so far has to be the Remenham Challenge on 22 Jan. In early December we decided to get a MJ8 together and lay down the gauntlet to the other Remenham Clubs. With the help of Matt Evans from the senior group we had a training camp between Xmas and the New Year and honed our sweep oar skills in readiness first for a go at the Vamp Rum Punch Scratch Eights. It must have done the trick for me personally as after 2 previous attempts I was in the winning crew. Back to training in the New year and I knew we were going to put in a reasonable performance as in a session with the first 8 we made them work really hard to catch us. We then learnt that none of the other Clubs would be able to provide any junior opposition so would be racing as novices, which was appropriate as 7 of the crew had only been doing sweep oar for the last 6 weeks. However, with a week to go our boat was sent away for repair to 2 of the shoulders, which hadn?t been a problem for us as we had it bow stroke rigged.

    So, come the day, we were in a boat we hadn?t been in before, had to re-configure the line up and I was still recovering from my 18th birthday, but we did look good in our new kit! It was a great experience to race an 8 on the Tideway even though it is a relatively small head. We overtook 4 crews and although we could have gone much faster if we didn?t have to contend with the late changes, we knew we were in with a chance of winning. It was both a great relief and a great delight to hear we had won by 2 seconds from Thames RC ? not bad for a crew with an average age of 16yrs 10 months. The older members of the crew are going into senior 8s for the Kingston Head while the J16s are going back to their quad, but it would be great to race the 8 again at some of the regattas.

    With the summer regattas in mind, the Club has kindly purchased a new quad to help us qualify for the Fawley, which the MJ16s are about to race in at the Schools Sculling Head together with the WJ14s. I know they were really pleased with the boat in a recent outing, so let?s hope that this year we can pay the Club back with some more great results.

    Jonathan Shepherd

    The 2005 regatta season brought some good results for the novice group. The women?s four reached the final at their first regatta. Eleven of the men?s group lost their novice status, eight of whom progressed to senior three level, coached by Matt Evans and Joe Lackner. Of that group, Adam White and Lee Wheeler were particularly successful in that they only started rowing in April, four months before reaching senior three.

    Last year beginners were taken on about once every three months. A few in January, probably far too many in April, and a more manageable number in July. Some have progressed into the senior squad, others are in the novice group, but unfortunately some are no longer with us for one reason or another. Since the July intake, numbers have been limited and only those who are prepared to train to race have been accepted. On the eve of the eights? heads, it looks like we have the basis of a decent crew from both the women?s and the men?s novice squad. Noticeable among the crews are those who started in the July group, who have had the good fortune to row with the more experienced novices left over from last winter. The July group got off to a good start, by doing a 40 km marathon in the octo after only twelve weeks, and have continued a good training level since then. After the marathon in the octo, the previously mixed group was split into separate men?s and women?s groups. The women?s group is now progressing well under the coaching of Steve Chasey.
    Around the same time, some of the ex-novices raced in the Boston Marathon, coming second in senior three fours by a very narrow margin.

    In the autumn we put crews into Tiffin and KSBH, but the gods of rowing (or chronology) did not favour us. However, with a few extra months of training, we are hoping for better results from Burway, Kingston and the Eights Heads.

    Off the water, the novice group hosted a party at KRC on the Saturday of Kingston Regatta that raised some funds for the club. A couple of second hand boats have been added to the fleet; a wooden Empacher eight, and more recently an Aylings coxed four.

    There is still space for a couple of extra rowers in the men?s and women?s group. If anyone knows of any suitable interested parties, send them our way.

    Simon Mepham OBE

    It is with regret that I have to inform Members of the death of a fellow Member.
    Simon Mepham (Walton Rowing Club, TVSC & Kingston Rowing Club) collapsed and died while competing on Saturday, 18th February, in the Molesey Veterans Head of the River Race.
    Our sympathy goes out to his Partner, Sarah Birch, members of his family and his many friends.
    Simon represented KRC in the Thames Challenge Cup at Henley between 1988 -1992.


    Saturday 11th March 06 - Women?s Head of the River
    Saturday 18th March 06 - Kingston Head of the River All help and support is welcome and much needed
    Saturday 25th March 06 - Head of the River
    Sunday 26th March 06 - Veterans Head of the River

    Email updates will also be sent out from time to time about upcoming events and club news. This
    is a good way of keeping up to date with the activities at the club. If you wish to receive these emails
    please send your email address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    The Club bar is open for business on Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as Sunday lunch time.
    Food is generally available on a Tuesday & Thursday evening. This is a voluntary service and anyone can offer to
    help / cook. All profits from the bar and food go straight back into the Club.
    If anyone would like to volunteer to organize Club fundraising events, such as a quiz evening, please
    feel free to do so. All you need to do is speak to a committee member and agree a date, easy!


    The principal appointees for 2005-6 are:
    President - Alan Spong
    Captain - Nigel Wilson-Dykes
    Treasurer - Angus Gait
    Secretary - Richard Rowland
    Chairman - Guy Lewis

    Other useful contacts:
    Safety & Hall Hire - Andrew Martin
    Welfare Officer - Melanie Court-Smith
    Bar - Andy Hall
    Kit Secretary - Emily Possnicker
    P.R - Helen Green
    Grants - Tony Gordon
    Membership - Brendan Togher

    KRC & website: www.kingstonrc.co.uk
    (0208 546 8592)

    200 CLUB
    Bryan Jones

    Recent winners of the 200 Club are:

    ?500 - Damian West
    ?250 - Paul Vye, Tim Bramfitt
    ?50 - Jill Thorpe, The Leviathan, Tim Bramfitt, Craig Elliot

    I have some vacancies so please contact me if you would like a number.
    Each number is ?15 paid immediately then once a year on the 1st January.


    Sunday 15 January 2006

    Hi All Leviathanites,

    Well, we had enough bodies to put two eights on the water, and even more attended
    the celebration de-brief and "scoff" following the return of the two crews.  Crew lists and Luncheon attendees provided below, photos of the outing and meal will be sent out in
    emails to follow. A: The row, B: The grub, supplied by LURCH Ayling. 

    Read on   Cheston

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    Dear All,

    Apologies for the delay in sending your Festive missive. Busy with the arrangements
    for the little Chestons and her good self - the Jailer.

    Your final 2005 report covering the December "Atilla's" FESTIVE GLUWEIN OUTING is below. Attached are a sampling of photos from the post outing de-brief and some from a Vets Boyz Nite attended by many Leviathans.

    "Queenie" has confirmed that he and the lovely Sylvie will host our 2nd Anniversary Luncheon
    at the Clubhouse following a "lengthy de-brief" after the January outing. Full details are
    provided below, including booking.

    Have a great one and all the best to all Leviathans for a safe, healthy, wealthy year to you and yours in 2006.

    Read on Cheston

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  • Kingston Small Boats Head 2005: Instructions for competitors & spectators

  • Scarlet Blade Henley 2005

    The Henley 2005 Henley Edition of Scarlet Blade can be downloaded from here:

    Henley 2005 Henley Edition of Scarlet Blade

  • Women's Henley Report from the Women's Captain

    We had a good entry this year at Women's Henley, an increase in number of competitors compared to the last couple of years. We competed in Senior Coxed Fours event for the Frank Harry Cup, in the Elite Lightweight Coxless Pairs event for the Parkside Trophy and the School Junior Doubles Event for the Rayner Cup, racing on all three days.

    The Elite Lightweight pair put in a stunning performance at Henley reaching the finals. This being their first season together, the girls have reached the finals at Docklands, Metropolitan and now at Women?s Henley in Elite Lwt Pairs. Under the guidance of coaches Steve Chasey and Richard Ayling our girls won three rounds at Henley to get to the final, beating Henley RC, Agecroft and Thames in style by over three lengths in each event. In the final they were beaten by the Nottingham Union 2- consisting of 2 international Lwt girls. Emily Possnicker (stroke) and Laura Newton a girl who came to us from Bath University, are going on to compete at the National Championships in their lightweight pair this year. We wish them the best of luck.

    The senior girls 4+ have fought on over the summer after the loss of their crew member Natalie Candy, their two girl in mid season. They had to look hard to replace her, lucky Rosie Elmes a Reading rower was able to step into her position, and after a re-rigging of the boat finding herself in the bow seat of the 4+ things had meshed together well. With all credit to them the coxed 4+ managed to get one of the fastest race times of a coxed 4+ boat this year but were knocked out in the first round when they came up against tough competition on luck of the draw. The 4+ Catherine Wheller (stroke), Anna O?Rawe, Lori Murray and Rosie Elmes with coxswain Sarah Whittington have now split into smaller boats in view of carrying on racing small boats for the rest of this season. We wish them the best of luck.

    The junior double, the Kugele sisters Rachael (stroke) and Hayley had their first appearance at Women's Henley in the School Doubles event. They were up against the National School Champions in their first round. This tough competition saw them beat, however, the girls have gained valuable experience and huge confidence from taking part at Henley. Under the guidance of their committed father and their coach Farrell Mossop, this double are set to follow in the lwt pair?s footsteps, joining them to compete at National Championships this year. The Kugele sisters are only 16 years of age, they are set to train together for another year at Kingston Rowing Club. We wish them the best of luck at Nat Champs.

    A big thanks to all coaches, coxes, parents and boyfriends who have helped the girls squad this year. We are already now building a strong core women?s novice squad for next season and are hoping to achieve some good results at all levels.

  • Scarlet Blade Spring 2005

    The Spring edition of Scarlet Blade is now available online here.

    Please send updated details via tha contacts page if you have not received this by mail and are a current KRC member.

  • Kingston Head 2005 Results

    Results for the 8's and 4's at Kingston Head 2005 are listed below...

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  • Novice Induction Sat 02/04/05

    The next Novice Induction Day is on Saturday 2nd April at 09.30 am.

    This induction is intended for complete beginners, those who have rowed a few times at KRC then ?lapsed? and want to return, and also more proficient novices new to the club who wish to be considered for inclusion in crews for upcoming races.

    If you would like to attend this Induction, then please come to the club at 7pm on either Tuesday 29th March or Thursday 31st March.

    To book a place please email:

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Tel: 0207 796 8225 (9 to 5)

    Thank you

  • Kingston Head 2005 entries open

    The 2005 Kingston Head of the River Race will be held on Saturday 12th March.

    Download the poster here

  • Scarlet Blade Autumn 2004

    The Autumn Edition of Scarlet Blade is now available for download in PDF format:

    Click here to download

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  • Knight Frank Rowing Scholarship Launches

    To support the opening of a new branch in Kingston during 2005, Knight Frank, the leading international property consultants, are supporting the development of young talent at Kingston Rowing Club.
    This exciting and demanding sport is at the forefront of Britain's Olympic success. Members of this local club, one of the oldest in the world, have gone on to win gold and silver medals at the last two games... it wants more... now read on!

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  • KRC Annual Dinner Invites are out

    This year's annual dinner is being held at the clubhouse on 25th February 2005, organised by Matthew Christie.

    If you have not yet received details of this event, please email the club via the contacts page, and include your up-to-date name and postal and email addresses so we can update our records.


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  • KRC Represent GB at Worlds 2004

    Congratulations to Kingston RC's members at the 2004 World Championships:

    • Jo Hammond - Silver medal in Women's Lightweight single sculls
    • Kieran West - 7th place in the Coxed Pair
    • Sarah Birch - 8th place in the Women's Lightweight Quad sculls

    Well done and many thanks for representing Kingston at the highest level of our sport.

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  • Romero Wins Silver in Athens

    Congratulations to Rebecca Romero - Olympic Silver medallist at Athens 2004

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