Weybridge Silver Sculls, 17 October 2015

Another two wins for the club from the senior and masters women's squads along with some very strong results from the Juniors made for a successful day at Weybridge Silver Sculls. Our WMasA 2x won in a very close race, with a margin of only 1 second over Weybridge RC. Our WMas C 2x produced a much more comfortable win by 20 seconds. The Junior Squad achieved four very creditable 2nd places as well as another four crews in the top 10 of their event. These results are very encouraging for the Junior Squad for the upcoming season.

Full results are as follows:

Win (of 3) W Mas A 2x C Willett / R Kugele
Win (of 4) W Mas D 2x B Sims / C Willett

2nd (of 11) IM3 1x J Burrows
2nd (of 7) J14 2x M Hamdi / J Phelan
2nd (of 7) J14 1x J Phelan
2nd (of 3) W J14 1x A Harwood
7th (of 30) J18 1x J Burrows
7th (of 18) W J16 1x B Williams
9th= (of 17) W J14 2x T Palmer / S Curtis
9th= (of 17) W J14 2x L Howard / R Keri-Nagy
9th (of 10) Mas D 1x M Cook
12th (of 18) W J16 1x C Oliver
16th (of 18) W J16 1x C Scott
17th (of 18) W J16 1x M Jheeta
18th (of 24) W J17 1x N Paterson-Moody
19th= (of 26) J16 1x J Hare
19th (of 24) W J17 1x L Bate
20th (of 25) W J15 2x M Baker / R Mitchell
21st (of 26) J16 1x M Saccomani
21st (of 24) W J17 1x S Stiling
22nd (of 25) W J15 2x S Sullivan / F Marton

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