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Kingston Head of the River

This years Kingston Head of the River Race ran on the 18th March 2017. Division 1 start at 11:00am and Division 2 at 2:00pm



Photographs by Iain Weir, Rowing Photography

The Flyer with event and payment details.

Start Order for Div 1 & 2 (xls) and as pdf   Revised 16/3/2017

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John Pearce

John Francis Pearce
JohnPearce1941 - 2017

It is with sadness that I have to report the death in the early part of this year, of John Pearce, a Vice President and great stalwart of Kingston Rowing Club. He was educated at Kingston Grammar School and rowed in their 1st Eight whilst there taking a few years off when he left school, to study marine engineering at Tough Bros in Teddington. Upon completion of an apprenticeship with this company he returned to row at KRC. By this time, his father had firmly established Thames Ditton Marina and work commitments meant that John had less time to devote to his rowing. After a few years concentrating on work with the Marina, John joined his younger brother Peter who had since joined KRC, to row with him in a pair entering the Goblets at Henley Royal Regatta. The following year, both brothers teamed up with Peter and Geoff Risk to enter the Wyfolds at Henley Royal Regatta making the first time a pair of brothers had entered as a crew! After giving up rowing, he spent time as a coach with our highly successful Britannia Four, deputising for Ron Needs their coach, on the occasions when he was unable to get down to the Club.

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Alistair Court-Smith

Alistair Court-Smith 1942 - 2016

After a prolonged battle with illness, it is with sadness we report on the death of one of our longstanding members, Alistair Court-Smith. His association with the Club goes back over 60 years when he was rowing at Kingston Grammar School and as such, was a Cadet member of KRC.

On leaving school he studied civil engineering and worked on the M1 which was under construction in those days. From building highways in the UK, his career took him to the Bahamas working for Sir Robert McAlpine where after five years, his work took him to Algeria, Belgium, back to the Bahamas returning in the late eighties to Belgium once again.

In 1990, he returned once more to the UK and renewed his contact with KRC rowing in the veteran crew on a Sunday morning. Marrying June in 1992, his career had changed from being an active engineer to Project Management, becoming a director of Widnell and running their project management division.

It was his skill in project management that was to be so useful to KRC when he was involved with others in negotiating the new lease for the Club. His help was to be invaluable in negotiating the terms of the new lease and with the planning of the alterations that we have started to make at the boathouse.

Following retirement, Alistair became a non-executive director for the Primary Care Trust NHS and also a non-executive director of Rosemary Simmons Memorial Housing Association based in Esher.

He leaves behind his wife June, daughters Melanie and Tia, and sons James and Gregory.

Richard J. Ayling

13th June 1952-1st November 2016 – A Colossus of World Rowing

Richard Ayling

If I had three words to describe Richard Ayling who has just died at the age of 64 they would be: passion, commitment and fun. He was a giant of a man, who loved, just loved, the sport – every bit of it. He always wore his heart on his sleeve. And his laughter – Richard could take a joke as well as dish them out – was always raucous. His life touched so many who helped make our sport great. But it would be typical of ‘Lurch’ – his ‘70s nickname given to him by his crewmates in Bob Janousek’s British squad – to give credit to others. Make no mistake though; British rowing owes a debt to Richard Ayling.



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Women's Squad 2017 Results

2016/17 season race wins are outlined below:

Walton Small Boats Head, December 2016

            W IM2 2x

            W Mas B 2x

            W Mas G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Teddington Head, December 2016

            W IM2 4+

November-vieren (Holland), November 2016

            W Mas E 4x- (KRC / HOOP composite)

Kingston Small Boats Head, November 2016

            W IM3 4+

            W Mas B/C 4x-

Weybridge Silver Sculls, October 2016

            W IM2 2x (also fastest women's 2x)

            W Mas D/E/F 2x

GB National Rowing Championships 22-23 October 2016

KRC men competed at the British National Rowing Championships at Holme Pierrepoint Nottingham on the weekend of October 22/23. We entered in a new 'Club Shield' category for 4- and 8.

National Championships Nottingham 2016 KRC 4- winners

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Tragic Incident

There was a tragic occurrence at Kingston Rowing Club on Saturday morning, 17th September, when Rosie Mitchell collapsed and lost consciousness while rowing. Paramedics arrived promptly on the scene but were unable to revive her and she died in hospital shortly thereafter. Rosie was 15 years old. Our hearts go out to Rosie’s parents, Rachel & Andrew, family and friends.

The Club have opened a Book of Condolences for Rosie Mitchell. The Book will be open for two weeks to allow as many members as possible to contribute, should they wish. The Book is in the Club entrance hall, between the kitchen and bar.
We would welcome all members to contribute - perhaps a few words about Rosie, a shared memory with her, maybe simply a message of support and sympathy for her parents and family.
Please do not remove the Book from its table.

Please direct all communications to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kingston Small Boats Head

The next Kingston Small Boats Head will be on the 4th November 2017.

Kingston Head of the River for Eights and Fours will be held on the 18th March 2017.

Kingston Small Boats Head 2016 was held on 5th Nov 2016 over two divisions.  The 1st Division at 10:30. The 2nd division at 14:00.

Final 2016 Results:-

The entries poster lists the events available. Entries have now closed.KSBH Nov 2016 poster

Please ensure you read the 'Instructions for Crews' and understand the 'Course Map' below as a minimum before boating. 

- Start Order Updates:
St Georges W.IM2.4+ moved to Div 1 2/11
KGS W.J15A.4x+ moved to Div 1 3/11

Any enquiries may be emailed to the Organiser Peter King.

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Women's Squad 2016 Results

2015/16 season race wins are outlined below:

FISA World Masters Regatta (Denmark), September 2016

            W Mas F 4- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

            W Mas F 2x (Gold) (KRC / HOOP composite)

            W Mas F 4x- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

            W Mas G-K 4+ (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / FR / BBL composite)

            W Mas G 4x- (Gold) (KRC / HOOP / BBL composite)

            Mx Mas F 4x- (Gold) (KRC / BRC / CR composite)

            Mx Mas F 2x (Gold) (KRC / BRC composite)

Trebon Regatta (Czech Republic), August 2016

            W Mas F 4x- (KRC / HOOP / SLAV composite)

Kingston Amateur Regatta, July 2016

            W Mas A/B 4x-

Henley Masters Regatta, July 2016

            W Mas C 2- (KRC / TSS composite)

            W Mas F 4+ (KRC / MAA / BBL / TSS composite)

British Masters Rowing Championships, June 2016

            W Mas A Champ 4x- (Gold)

            W Mas E/F Champ 4- (Gold) (KRC / MAA / BBL / TSS composite)

            W Mas G Champ 1x (Gold)

            W Mas A/B IM3 4+ (Gold)

            W Mas A Nov 4+ (Gold)

            W Mas A Nov 2x (Silver)

            W Mas D Nov 4+ (Silver)

            W Mas A Champ 2x (Bronze)

            W Mas C Nov 4+ (Bronze)

Metropolitan Regatta (Sunday), June 2016

            W Mas C/D/E 8+ (TSS / KRC / LEA composite)

Twickenham Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas D 2x

            W Nov 8+

            W Nov 4+

            W Nov 2x

Weybridge Ladies Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas B 4x-

            W Mas A 2x

            W IM3 4x-

            W IM3 2x

            W IM3 1x

Walton & Weybridge Regatta, May 2016

            W Mas A/B 4x-

            W Mas A 2x

            W IM3 1x

            W Nov 2x

Remenham Challenge, December 2015

            W Nov 8+

Walton Small Boats Head, November 2015

            W Mas B 2x

            W Nov 2x

Teddington Head, November 2015

            W IM2 2x

            W IM3 4+

            W Nov 4x-

            W Nov 1x

Kingston Small Boats Head, October 2015

            W Mas C/D/E 4x- (KRC / MAA / BBL composite)

            W Nov 4+

            W Mas F/G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Weybridge Silver Sculls, October 2015

            W Mas A 2x

            W Mas D 2x

Pairs Head, October 2015

            W Sen 2- (KRC / TSS composite)

            W Mas F/G 2x (KRC / BBL composite)

Wallingford Long Distance Sculls, September 2015

            W Mas D/E 2x

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