Senior Men's Squad Results 2014

British Championships, October 2014

4th Fastest U23 4- and won respective final.
Open 8+ time trialled and drawn into the C final, before the event was cancelled due to high winds. 

Fours Head, November 2014

2nd in Sen 4- (7th fastest 4- overall, overall race placing 43rd),
6th in IM1 4+ (132nd overall)
3rd club boat 13th in IM1 4- (127th overall)

Kingston Small Boats Head, November 2014

Win, Sen 4-, and overall Head Win
Win, Sen 2- 
Win, IM1 4+ 
IM1 4-, division winner

Remenham Challenge, December 2014

2nd in Elite 8, 4th overall

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