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Senior Men's Squad Results 2015

Hammersmith Head, March 2015

Win at IM1 8+, (9th overall)

Kingston Head, March 2015

6th Overall, 2nd in IM1 8+

HORR, March 2015

1st 8 43rd 2nd 8 133rd

Wallingford Regatta, May 2015

3rd in Elite Challenge 8’s final

BUCS Regatta, May 2015

5th in Final of Championship 2-  (Kingston University) 

Metropolitan Regatta, May 2015

4th Sen 4+ Final (Saturday)
3rd Sen 4+ Final (Sunday)

Marlow Regatta, June 2015

3rd Sen 4+ Final 
Placed into the B final in a 30 strong field in IM2 8's

Barnes & Mortlake Regatta 2015

“Draaawww…” shouted cox Zara, “… wind, wind, now lengthen…”. We’re off in a 3-way semi-final, pushing away from the grey hulk of Chiswick Bridge. We haven’t started well but the school crew to our left are struggling and a canvas down already. On our right Quintin BC are level with us and rowing neatly. Slowly the crew finds its rhythm, we’re at rate 36, the boat is set level and we’re locking on well at the catch, leveraging our power advantage over the other crews, now pulling away with every stroke. Belief seeps through the crew as we power out to a clear water lead at 600 metres, the heart-warming sight of opposition boats lagging behind. Despite a few late wobbles as we cut through the Tideway chop, we cross the line 2 lengths clear – and into the final!

Some months earlier a squad had come together: a strong student contingent, some of last year’s novice crew, and a handful of recent Start to Row learners. From a diverse group – comprising various ages, heights, weights, nationalities and occupations – a core emerged who committed to the training. Good results followed – Head race performances gave other KRC crews pause for thought. Despite some personnel changes we had approached the regatta confident and prepared.

Emmanuel School are our final opponents. We expect a fast start from them but hope our mid race pace will come through. There’s nervous jockeying for position on the line as bow pairs tap it up, finally the umpires are happy. Our start is better than before – a glance across and Emmanuel are a seat up only. This time there are no wobbles, with a pounding rhythm we steadily walk up the opposition boat. The umpires screech a warning for us to hold our line but we’ve got clear water and don’t let go. Coach Adrian shouts from the bank as we wind for the line – we’ve won! Some nervous moments, as the umpires solemnly lecture us on holding line and Emmanuel protest, but to no avail. Back on the bank we de-rig and head back to KRC.

“3…2…1…go…” Zara flies through the air in a graceful arc, and drops into the water with a satisfying splosh. “Youz *******” she says as we haul her out of the river, and an exhausted but deeply satisfied crew and cox head to the pub in the late afternoon sunshine.

Charles Jans

Novice8 BarnesMortlake 2015

British Rowing Masters Championships - 13th & 14th June 2015

Eight KRC women represented us at the British Rowing Masters Championships at Nottingham. Despite a thoroughly very wet day, the lake was about as flat as I have ever seen it - most unusual for Nottingham. This event has Championship, IM3 and Novice events all for Masters rowers (27 years old+) and is raced over 1000m.

We had entries in eight events and won gold in three of these:

  • Women's Championship A 4x- Emma Scruby, Sophie Faldo, Caroline Willett and Rachael Kugele (str). The crew had a great race as they were very close at half way but pulled out a really strong second half to win by clear water.
  • Women's Championship F/G 2x Birgith Sims and Jackie Darling of BBRLC (str). Despite being one age category older than their three opponents, they pulled away from the field to win by a huge margin, sculling with beautiful efficiency.
  • Women's Novice A 1x Wendy Saunders. If you are going to win your novice pot, a championship regatta is a good place to do it.

In all, six of the eight KRC rowers won a gold medal, and we were just 3/4 length off winning the W Nov B 4x- which would have been gold for the other two.

Champ A 4x Gold

Champ FG 2x Gold

Nov A 1x Gold

Walton & Weybridge Regatta - 6th June 2015

KRC had five crews racing at Walton this year and we came away with one win.

Walton W A 4x

Our crews in the W IM3 2x, W Nov 4+ and M Nov 8+ all got knocked out in their heats, although the Men's Nov  8+ had an exciting race losing by only 1 length to the eventual winners and were closer to them than any of the other crews they beat - this bodes well for their next attempt to win their novice pot.

Emily Baylis, having her first go at Women's Novice 1x clearly scared off most of the opposition as both the other scullers on her side of the draw scratched so she rowed over to get into the final. She lost in the final but had a very encouraging first single sculls race.

Our winning crews was the Women's Masters A 4x- of Emma Scruby, Sophie Kennedy, Caroline Willett and Rachael Kugele (str) who their final 'Easily' over a Weybridge Ladies crew.

Dionne Davies (nee Bett)

dionneMany of you will have fond memories of Dionne Davies (Bett) and will have been saddened to hear that she passed away last week. An active rower, club member and Women’s Captain in the late 1990’s – 2002, and then social member, Remenham member and active Henley supporter, a warm and loyal friend who will be hugely missed by us all.

Dionne's funeral will take place at 11am on Wednesday, 10th December at Clandon Wood Natural Burial Reserve, Epsom Road, West Clandon, Guildford, GU4 7FN. Tel: 01483 479614.

Dionne's wish was to be buried in a natural woodland and meadow setting at Clandon Wood. She will rest in peace surrounded by the things she loved, thirty one acres of meadow consisting of trees, wildflowers, grazing sheep and a lake.

PLEASE NOTE: Wear bright clothing and footwear to suit an outdoor setting. Your feet will get muddy! Club blazers and scarlet welcomed.

Please bring footwear to change into afterwards. Please do not wear black, Dionne made it very clear, bright colours only!

Her parents Penny and Gerry, and her husband Keith would like to invite you to join them after the service for a drink to celebrate Dionne's life at the Horse and Groom, Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford, GU1 2RG. Tel: 01483 575375.

If you have photos you would like to share of Dionne please bring a copy as we plan to display for all to view.
It would be appreciated it if it was family flowers only at the funeral.
However, if you wish to make a donation you will be able to do so on the day. Donations will go to Cancer Research and CaringBridge.

Alan Spong

Alan Spong

Our past president Alan Spong has passed away, aged 94.

The timing is particularly aposite as the club is planning its 'Row to Remember' Sponsored Row and Alan was one of the last surviving Dunkirk veterans.

 A dozen or so Scarlet Blazers attended his funeral to complement the Dogget Coat and Badge uniforms worn by three recent winners  (Alan was a member of the Worshipful Company of Watermen and Lightermen of The Thames and was elected their Master in 1980)

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Senior Men's Squad Results 2014

British Championships, October 2014

4th Fastest U23 4- and won respective final.
Open 8+ time trialled and drawn into the C final, before the event was cancelled due to high winds. 

Fours Head, November 2014

2nd in Sen 4- (7th fastest 4- overall, overall race placing 43rd),
6th in IM1 4+ (132nd overall)
3rd club boat 13th in IM1 4- (127th overall)

Kingston Small Boats Head, November 2014

Win, Sen 4-, and overall Head Win
Win, Sen 2- 
Win, IM1 4+ 
IM1 4-, division winner

Remenham Challenge, December 2014

2nd in Elite 8, 4th overall

Junior Inter Regional Trials 2014

The KRC junior squad had trials for the Junior Inter Regional Regatta to be held at Nottingham on 26th April. Six of our crews were selected beating opposition from Thames, TSS, Emmanuel, LEH and Hampton.

Kingston RC will be representing the Thames London Region in:-

J16 4+ and J16 8o,

J15 2X and J15 4X+,

J14 2X and W J14 4X+.

Women's Easter Training Camp 2014

In the words of Vince Lombardi "winning isn't everything but the thought of winning is". This thought entwined with the renewed collective passion of the women's senior squad to achieve our very best has been the driving force behind our training camp at the club over the Easter break.

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